Red is a strong and vibrant colour. It can really make an impression and if you know how to wear it, can mark you out as a woman who knows herself and knows how to dress. Since it is such a strong colour, however, things can easily go awry. It is important to get it right or you can end up looking cheap, too overtly sexy, aggressive or even clownish. Here are some tips to help you wear red in 2016:

The Right Red:

If you want to wear red then you have to know which reds you can wear. You need to determine whether you have the hair and skin tone that are best suited to blueish reds or yellowish ones. As a general rule, if you have cooler skin a blueish red is better while those with warmer skin tones tend to suit a more orangey hue. Hold colours against your skin to see what looks best for you.

It’s All About Context:

When choosing red clothing and accessories, whether or not you are on the right track depends to a large degree on the context. Where do you plan to wear the item or items? Red on a night out will give an entirely different impression than red at work, for example. Make sure that you take into account where you will be wearing red when choosing how to wear it.

All In?

Red can really pack a punch. Sometimes that can be just what you want, while at other times, a little can really go a long way. On a night out, a bold red dress can make sure that all eyes are on you. It can make you feel strong and sexy and can give that impression loud and clear to all the people you meet. However, when it comes to going all out with red, the cut of your clothing is really important. Be careful not to combine too plunging a neckline with too high a hemline on a cheap dress or you can end up looking a little trashy. Being bold, however, can sometimes be no bad thing.

Or Just A Little?

Sometimes, it is best to wear red in moderation. At work, for example, red can be a bit too much all over. However, red accents, highlights and accessories can give you a touch of power and charisma that can stand you in good stead in your meetings and in interactions with your colleagues. A flash of flair can really elevate an outfit and make you feel on top of your game.

Clashes and Combinations:

Red is great to play with when it comes to clashing colours and pleasing combinations. Again, there is a time to be bold and a time to be circumspect. The key thing is to follow your own path and use your imagination to come of with your own exciting looks.


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